Breastfeeding Central is The Baby Spot’s Parenting App of the Year!


‘Let’s face it, the decision to breast feed and continue with it, is not an easy one at times. Mothers can become frustrated, tired and at times, want to give up. Sometimes, during those late night feeds, we have questions about breast feeding that we would like answered right away. Luckily, there is an App for that. Breastfeeding Central app is your one stop resource, confidence booster and during those late nights, your best friend…

The Breastfeeding Central app is like having a lactation consultant or breastfeeding expert right next to you. The app was written by a board certified lactation consultant, so it is a trusted resource. It will guide you through each important phase of nursing your baby…

Are you pregnant? The app is designed for you as well. Learn how to prepare for breastfeeding in your pregnancy and by the time you give birth, you are ready to manage those early days of nursing…

The Breastfeeding Central App is a trusted resource, a relief and most of all, a friend to new and experienced breastfeeding Mothers everywhere. We think this is a perfect app for new Moms for 2016 and we want breastfeeding to be as calming and joyful of an experience as it can be. Breastfeeding Central App will be that comfort, resource and friend. Click here to get the Breastfeeding Central App today.

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